My Story
I was a 30 year-old, divorced, broke, single father w/custody of 2 special needs daughters who was trying to create a lifestyle where I could be financially stable, but still have the freedom to raise my daughters. 

The problem was, I was struggling to get clients consistently and regularly. This was a big problem because I was in debt, broke and considering bankruptcy. That meant if I couldn't start making more money I was going to have to get a regular job and possibly move in with my parents, which would kill my dream of having both personal and financial freedom. 

Then something amazing happened...

I discovered online marketing and learned about how to take prospective clients through a systematic process to turn them into leads! Instantly, it became crystal clear, how I could consistently acquire new leads who were ready to become customers, because I saw how this process removed prospective clients' fears and objections about doing business with me. 

My plan was to start using this knowledge and understanding to simply get myself more customers. 

So, I started creating lead generation systems for the products and services I offered, but I didn’t stop there. I started creating these same lead generation systems for my clients, so they could acquire new customers as well. Finally, I started coaching others on creating, tweaking or improving their own lead generation campaigns to get more clients. 

So let's fast forward to now... What you really want to know is how are things different for me??

Well, I run a successful marketing agency providing lead generation services & business coaching. I still have custody of my beautiful daughters and have a life of freedom to enjoy it how I see fit and on my own terms. 

Look, my life's not perfect, but it's pretty darn great. 

Because of the success I've had, I decided to create a training system that would go step-by-step and make it really easy for anyone to create successful lead generation campaigns. I decided to call it Lead Generation: The Classified Files

With this incredible training, I can now walk through the process with you to create highly successful lead generation campaigns that not only generate leads... but ultimately generate qualified and ready-to-buy leads

Why am I so excited to share this with you???   I want to see you get these same type of leads for your clients and your business!

So, if I'be get your attention.... check out how to Work With Me and follow me on Social media below.
“If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up.
Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."
- Michael Jordan
Trenton Evans
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